The curriculum`s vision of education is expressed in the form of three general aims:

To enable the child to live as a child and to realize his or her potential as a unique individual;

To enable the child to develop as a social being through living and co-operation with others and so contribute to the good of society;

To prepare the child for further education and lifelong learning.


Characteristic for the SmartCity Primary School is the disbandment of the system of classrooms and connecting corridors in replacement of open floor plans that support various forms of teaching, not only frontal teaching.

Behind this concept are ideas, that are everything other than new in pedagogy, but have won new favour in the past years through new education goals and key qualifications. The homogenous class, where equally gifted and same paced learners, hasn’t existed for a long time.


Schools today follow the principals of inclusion, which doesn’t only mean the integration of pupils with special needs, rather to tailor the lesson as far as possible to suit each child’s personality. The educators integrate their teaching not only with the topics of the lessons but the skills of the pupils as well.


The difference to a normal school lies in the arrangement of the classrooms. They form on each floor out of the four classrooms from the grades, into a large, central, open communal space-a learning landscape with a large table for experiments from which the four classrooms with sliding doors are situated.

Added, is a generously sized team room for the teaching staff, group rooms, a storage room for material and toilets for the pupils.

Such an arrangement, around a communal, central space is termed in schools: “Cluster.” Work in this central, communal space will be by pupils of each Cluster and the teachers.

The combination of kindergarten groups and school classes in a Cluster allows the possibility for the most important interface to function between these institutions, flexibly and better orientated, structured to the individual needs of the pupils.


Given that the SmartCity Primary School is positioned opposite the Helmut-List-Halle and the Science Tower, in the immediate vicinity of BULME and FH Joanneum, making these factors decisive in defining this school as a STEM School.